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Preschool Parent Handbook

Our Preschool Teachers at Ecole College Park & John Lake Preschools provide the children with a very positive first educational experience for the children and in Ecole College Park Preschool with an early, basic introduction to the French language. Children will learn numbers, the alphabet, colours, days of the week, months of the year, body parts etc. in French while attending the preschool program at College Park. Parents are encouraged to participate in the programs but are not required to do so. Both programs are designed to provide children with a positive, early educational experience for when they start their first day of school. 

Our Preschool teachers strive to provide 3 and 4 year olds of all abilities with opportunities for an introduction to academic concepts as well as an introduction to classroom routines (calendar, show & tell, snack) and learning how to work in a group (sitting quietly and listening to others, taking turns, responding to others and following directions and schedules). The children are also given the opportunity to learn through play and to interact socially. Games and other gym activities allow the children to develop fitness and large motor skills through activities that emphasize body awareness, motor skills and equipment (bean bags, jump ropes, hoops, parachute, playground equipment etc.) skills. Field trips provide additional opportunities for all levels of learning. Learning is both teacher initiated and child chosen.

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